Chorley Labour in power at the Town Hall are making things happen. 

We have the plan, determination, and track record of delivering for you…

On Thursday 6th May, re-elect the local Labour team working hard for you.

Our Track Record of Making Things Happen in Chorley

Astley Hall

Labour controlled Chorley Council are currently investing £1.7m in renovating historic Astley Hall and improving the visitor experience. 

This builds on significant previous investment in Astley Park that has made it a popular leisure destination for families from across the area.

Primrose Gardens

The new 65 apartment Extra Care Facility developed and operated by Labour run Chorley Council is now fully occupied and we are providing an additional facility at Tatton which is currently under construction and is bringing over £15m of investment to East Chorley.

These facilities are designed to deliver exceptional care and help our older residents to stay in their own homes.

A greener Chorley

Investing a further £150,000 in street cleaning and improvements to the local area including tree planting and the establishment of wildlife corridors and managed wildflower areas that enhance the natural beauty and environment in which we live.

Youth Zone

Having successfully delivered the impressive Youth Zone which is attracting the largest percentage of young people per capita of anywhere in the UK.

Chorley’s Labour administration continues to invest £125,000 in local youth services across the borough as the youngsters of today are the lifeblood of our Town and Villages in the future.

Bus Services

Following cuts by private bus companies and Conservative Lancashire County Council.

Labour Chorley Council has stepped in to financially support local communities by ensuring they have access to essential bus services such as 24a service to get to work, education or access other needs.

Play Areas

Labour Chorley is delivering new improved equipment and play/recreation areas throughout the borough including over £1m in major playground upgrades and makeovers which will continue into future years and provides a valuable space for residents of all ages to enjoy.

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