Chorley Council Joins UK100, Pledging Bold Action To Tackle Climate Change

10 Jan 2022 | Climate Change

The Leader of Chorley Council has joined a network of local government leaders in the UK by signing a pledge to deliver ambitious local climate action.

Councillor Alistair Bradley has signed the UK100 Membership pledge which is a promise to take bold action to make substantial progress within the next decade to deliver Net Zero.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council said: “The signing of the UK100 Membership Pledge is another commitment from Chorley Council that we will continue to prioritise and deliver ambitious local climate action and monitor our progress towards our goals.

“We’ll see COP26 take place in the UK very soon, discussing climate change as a global priority, however, there’s a lot we can do at a local level and we look forward to the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the network of UK100 members.

“Chorley Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, pledging to work towards Chorley becoming carbon neutral by 2030, which is 20 years ahead of the government target. Our Climate Change Programme is moving at pace and we’ve made significant progress, involving residents and businesses where we can.”

Some of the action already taken by Chorley Council includes:

  • public consultations on their Clean Air Strategy (installing further air quality monitoring measures), and Electric Vehicle Charging provisions in the borough
  • recruitment of a dedicated Climate Change Programme Officer to drive the delivery of action
  • working with partners and residents to plant trees towards the ambitious target of 116k trees being planted in the borough by 2025, including through tree giveaway events
  • creation of over 40 wildflower mini meadows, and numerous wildlife corridors, to help improve biodiversity in the borough
  • school Uniform Swap Shop events to keep uniforms from going to waste
  • trialling town centre public recycling bins, in addition to comprehensive household recycling collections.

The UK100 membership pledge is a commitment to doing everything within the Council’s power and influence to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work with Chorley residents and businesses to bring wider communities’ emissions in line with Net Zero as soon as possible.

View more information on UK100 membership on the UK100 website.

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