Road Maintenance to the Borough of Chorley

23 Mar 2023 | Maintenance

Labour Chorley Council calls for further devolution of Lancashire County Council’s budget for Road Maintenance to the Borough of Chorley after years of Tory Cuts

Councillor Alistair Bradley, the Labour Leader of Chorley Council has issued a statement regarding the road maintenance in the Borough of Chorley.

 “On behalf of the residents of Chorley, we have formally asked that the task of maintaining roads in Chorley is passed from Lancashire County Council (LCC) to Chorley Council who we believe will provide a better service.

After years of Tory Government cuts that have been forced on LCC, I urge the County Council to consider further devolution of powers to local authorities to deal with road and street issues. We believe LCC is currently failing Chorley given the state of our roads.”

Devonshire Road Blocked Gully

“Highways issues such as road surfacing and blocked gullies are the most common complaint from the residents of Chorley. It is our view that the County Council are not spending the money it needs to on tackling these issues in our area and is not delivering the level of repair and maintenance required for our borough.

We have asked that LCC to demand additional monies from central government. Even though we know that this is not likely to happen, we still need further devolution of spending power to truly local councils such as Chorley.”

Euxton Lane Potholes

“Your Labour Council raised this to the County Council as part of our written response to their budget-setting consultation. We feel we are better equipped to both understand and consider the localised needs of residents and able to make the considered democratic decisions on where, and how much is spent on roads in each area.

I’m calling for the Conservative controlled Lancashire County Council to reconsider their approach and to put more spending power in the hands of those who really understand the local needs. Where we can listen to local concerns and can directly address problem areas that everyone can see are just getting worse and worse at the moment.”

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