Arjun Singh

Term of Office
05/05/2022 – 07/05/2026

Your Labour Councillor for Eccleston, Heskin and Charnock Richard


Arjun Singh was born and raised in Lancashire and has lived in Heskin for the past twelve years. He works as a Qualified Accountant and has served on Heskin Parish Council for a number of years, getting involved in a range of local issues.

An active community campaigner, Arjun has been involved in the provision of new play equipment for young people in areas such as The Meadows. He has also strived to oppose the unwanted housing developments currently being forced on our local areas by the Conservative government, including the Camelot site, Charter Lane in Charnock Richard and Parr Lane and Tincklers Lane in Eccleston.  

As a keen young professional who values our cohesive and supportive local communities, Arjun is passionate about making a difference and working with Cllr Alan Whittaker to help make our villages a great place to live and work.




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Arjun Singh

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Updates From Eccleston, Heskin and Charnock Richard

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