Neville Whitham

Term of Office
03/05/2018 – 06/05/2021
05/05/2022 – 07/05/2026

Your Labour Councillor for Clayton West & Cuerden

Neville moved to Cuerden with his family twenty years ago, having served in the Royal Air Force for thirty years. Since then, Neville has worked in health, safety and environmental management and has served as a councillor on Chorley Council originally from 2018 to 2021 and again since 2022 to date.

Neville has actively supported residents in Clayton West & Cuerden in getting a much-needed, new doctors’ surgery on Preston Road.

He has helped bring to account landfill site owners over the release of obnoxious smells and was instrumental in opposing the destruction of the beautiful Nell Lane by campaigning to stop selfish developers.

Neville strives to help make Clayton West & Cuerden a better place in which to live by helping out with weekly litter picks, whilst endeavouring to safeguard our important green areas.


Dedrah Moss

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Neville Whitham

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