Pauline McGovern

Term of Office
04/05/2023 – 06/05/2027

Your Labour Councillor for Clayton East, Brindle & Hoghton


I live locally in Brindle and sit on Brindle Parish Council. Since retiring I also work one day a week at Help the Homeless in Chorley.

I am the candidate for 2023 for Labour in Clayton East Brindle & Hoghton and if elected as a local Councillor on Chorley Council, I hope to make a positive contribution and deliver on my commitment to resolving local issues and concerns.

Having previously worked in the public sector and for a number of charities, with a focus on issues of social equity and direct action, I am particularly proud of my work with both St. Catherine’s Hospice and Derian House Children’s Hospice who both deliver a great service to the residents of Chorley and the wider Lancashire.

I believe that under the current Conservative government, inequality is increasing and the standard of living for most people is dropping dramatically.

I am proud to stand with the nurses, teachers and other public sector workers in their fight for fair pay, and if elected will look to also get a fair share of resources for the villages of Clayton-le-Woods, Brindle and Hoghton which they well deserve.



Michelle Le Marinel

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Michelle Le Marinel

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Updates From Clayton East, Brindle and Hoghton

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