Labour Chorley Council Supports Major Green Initiative In The Borough

24 Mar 2023 | Climate Change

Chorley Council has supported its tenant, global supply chain and logistics company – TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a global supply chain and logistics company by granting permission for them to install 1,890 solar panels at their headquarters in Chorley covering over 3,000 square metres. 

Labour Council Leader Alistair Bradley said, “It’s great to see a company make Chorley the location of choice for their headquarters and to look for ways of becoming more energy efficient. As the council owns the building, we were pleased to support TVS SCS on its journey to reduce its carbon footprint.  

“Electricity consumption is one of the biggest impacts for the company, so this move to self-generation at Chorley will significantly reduce the site’s carbon footprint. Over a typical year, it will save 150 tonnes of CO2, which is approximately equivalent to the emissions of more than 55 UK households. We were delighted to support their efforts.”

TVS Supply Chain Solutions is a global supply chain and logistics company and in the UK has its headquarters in Chorley on Buckshaw Village employing circa 458 people at this location.

Another carbon reduction initiative at the Chorley site is the installation of 12 electric vehicle charging bays. This will support the move to a hybrid/electric company car fleet, encourage employees who are considering moving to hybrid or electric vehicles, and provide a charging facility for visitors.

Alistair continued, “While this was an unusual case where we were able to help as the landlord, we’re there to support all of our businesses to get greener. This is a large company where we can see how energy reduction measures can be installed on a wider scale. It can act as an example to all of our businesses to reflect on how they can be more energy efficient. Any act to move towards greener operations make a huge difference, whether they are large or small.

“Chorley is an incredible place to do business and we are proud to be home to global companies, mid-size businesses, high street names and independent retailers. We offer support and guidance to all of our businesses.  

This is yet another great example of Chorley Labour delivering on the Green Agenda here in Chorley and supporting businesses to create jobs.

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