Aaron Beaver

Council Champion for Democratic and Member Services

Term of Office
07/05/2015 – 02/05/2024

Your Labour Councillor for Chorley North West


Aaron Beaver is a married father of three who has lived in Chorley since 2000. Aaron is the Armed Forces Champion.

Aaron joined the Army aged 16 and completed twenty-four years of regular service serving on Operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and the Gulf Conflict.  Joining the Chorley Medical Reserve Squadron in 2001 he served twelve years and was elected as Councillor to Northwest Ward in 2015.

Aaron is a member of all of Chorley’s veteran groups, supporting the Regular Army, the Reserve Forces, Cadets, and Chorley Veterans with home adaptations and improvements.

Aaron helped deliver the play and sports space for young people on Devonshire Road and supports older residents at the Primrose Gardens Extra Care Scheme.  He has worked hard since being elected to support the current administration to help make Chorley a great place to live, attractive to those who would like to live here and is proud to represent Chorley North West Ward.


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Aaron Beaver

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Updates From Chorley North West

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